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Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

Online video marketing is a method of advertising that is becoming a key way for brand building. It involves any form of advertising that is based around video content used throughout online distribution channels.

Why use iVolution

With the majority of the UK population watching online video content on a daily basis it is a marketing must that you tap into online video marketing. iVolution will help introduce you to this modern day digital domain enabling you to expand your consumer reach across the nation.

Our online videos are a powerful way for you to engage with consumers and leave lasting impressions. We produce video content that is viable for multiple internet devices; from PC's, laptops, smartphones and tablets, we enable you to engage with even more customers.

We help you harness the power of video marketing to effectively communicate with your target market and differentiate yourselves from your competitors. With state of the art technologies, we help produce online videos that revolutionize your business.

By understanding your marketing strategy, our custom made videos are tailored to your business goals. Whether your business focuses on B2C or B2B selling, it is critical that you enter the online video marketing domain, as video has overtaken the written word of communication and is now classified as the most accepted form of communication.

Google Pay Per Click

What is Google PPC

PPC is an online advertising tool used on many search engines to generate traffic to the businesses core website. PPC stands for Pay per Click meaning that the business only pays for the advert when a user clicks on it. Google PPC allows you to buy listings in their search results which will appear along with the natural, non-paid search results.

Why use PPC

PPC is all well and good but, if you are not ranked highly on the listings then chances are your customers will not see you. iVolution have a specialist team of Google PPC operators who are experts in ensuring that your business gains top placement in the listings, meaning that your potential customers will see you first before your competitors.

We set up your Pay Per Click campaign for you, ensuring that we are specifically targeting the most pertinent keywords to your business. We implement a strategy that will help you to win bids for the keywords and phrases that result in you advertising to an audience that is only interested in you. iVolution has the ability to interpret market conditions and adjust your pay per click campaigns in days or even hours.

We give you the ability to advertise to people searching in Google and gain new audiences. No matter what your budget, we can generate targeted traffic within a few minutes of opening an account for you.

Linked In

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site for people in professional occupations. It allows you to connect with professional people on a global scale. It allows you as a user to share opinions, experiences, professions and perspectives through user-generated content with the idea of linking to other personal profiles. This form of social marketing communication has become increasingly popular within the B2B marketing sector as it enables companies to build online professional communities around their content focus.

Why use iVolution

iVolution provide the marketing solution to your social networking needs by raising awareness, driving quality leads and building relationships with the world's professionals.

We provide content marketing on the world's largest professional network and connect your content to the professional mind-set. Our social media team will target quality audiences, publish professional content and extend your engagement both online and offline.

Using strategic marketing methods, we help you portray the right image for your company, ensuring your profile becomes a hubspot for customers. iVolution actively work to spark conversations with other professional in the industry and generate customer relationships. We expose your business to the world's largest audience of influential and affluent professionals that will bring custom to your business.

Twitter Ads

What are Twitter Ads?

Twitter Ads is a collective tool for attracting followers and expanding your reach. There are two main ways that you utilize Twitter ads:

  • You can choose to promote your account - where you only pay if someone new follows you
  • OR

  • You can promote your tweets – where you can opt to pay either by click or visibility.

Why use iVolution

People turn to Twitter to bring them closer to the things they care about. iVolution cares about you, and so we want to bring you closer to Twitter Ads to bring your customers closer to you.

We help you grow your business, execute stimulating promotions, strengthen your brand and engage with existing and new customers. Our specialist social media team at iVolution will provide your business with powerful context that will connect your USP's to what is meaningful to your customers.

We can shape and influence your customer's conversations enabling your business to reach both current and potential followers. Working with trends, analytics and tweet promotions, we have options and solutions that meet your business needs.

Facebook Pay Per Click

What is Facebook PPC

PPC is an acronym for Pay per Click. It is an online advertising channel on Facebook whereby if a user clicks on the advertisement that is visible on their homepage the business then pays Facebook for that click. Pay per Click advertising on Facebook is a quick, proficient and cost-effective method of driving traffic to your website.

It involves advertisers bidding for keywords that they believe their target audience will type in when looking for a product or service related to their business. It is called Pay per Click because the company only pays for the advertisement when a user clicks on the advert. If no-one is to click on the advertisement, then the business does not have to pay. However, they still gain brand exposure simply by being present on Facebook.

Why us iVolution

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for any business. Having fans, 'likes' and gaining shares on your content is an integral part of communicating with your audience and expanding your customer reach. With over 1 billion people using Facebook worldwide, our Facebook PPC management expertise will ensure that you are maximizing your investment by targeting the right audience that will be converted into customers. Your business is for your customers, so you need to establish and build a relationship with them.

iVolution will help you reach new potentials and drive sales using Facebook PPC. We will develop your social media presence ensuring that your business is part of these global conversations. From market segmentation, split-testing and managing multiple adverts, iVolution will provide you with an entirely new social media marketing opportunity. Instead of wasting money by creating an advertisement that may not be noticed by potential customers, we help you to create a Pay per Click advertisement that will appeal to your selected customer base on a wider geographical scale. We can build and optimise your Facebook PPC campaign based on your exact requirements, whether it is to increase traffic, generate more leads or increase more conversions. We create relevant, highly targeted and engaging campaign content and imagery that draws the attention of as many users as possible.

Together with you, our dedicated social media team devise an effective Facebook PPC marketing strategy that suits your business and optimises your campaigns, ensuring that they are working efficiently and helping you to achieve your business goals.

Web Banner Ads

What are Web Banner Ads

Web banner ads are a form of advertising on the internet that are found next to content. Banners are typically image-based rather than text-based so therefore rely heavily on elements such as imagery, audio and video as their means of communicating the advertising message. The idea of display ads is to attract traffic to the businesses website as they are classified as 'click through' advertisements.

Why use iVolution?

Know where your consumers are spending a lot of their time? We do: the Web! To make sure that they see your business, we offer you exclusive web banner advertising that puts your core marketing message right in front of the eyes of the consumer. With innovative targeting strategies, we create extensive awareness for your business. By engaging your audience, iVolution gets your business noticed. Our advertising team produce web banner ads that that feature on the most trusted and prevalent websites that are relevant to what you are selling. With astute targeting and placement techniques, iVolution ensure that we deliver sizeable click through rates.

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