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Do you know what is currently bringing customers into your business, new and old?

We will sit down with you and discuss your current methods of marketing your business. With this information we will propose ways in which to increase the return on the methods you currently use and how to get the most from them. We will also guide you in setting up additional marketing strategies.

Our team have vast experience in designing campaigns that utilise all forms of marketing. We can help build your social profile, we can implement Pay Per Click strategies, We can build you fantastic landing pages that are designed with specific knowledge on how to get the interactions that you want. We can even help you with designing & producing adverts for all forms of media. These include Video Production, AudioProduction, Graphic Design, Web Design and even in store analytics software that we have been developing the past few years.

It is this experience and knowledge that allows us to get you the new customers you need, get your current customers on auto pilot and track exactly which of the marketing methods are performing so you're not wasting money.

"What do you mean, wasting money?"

If you put an Ad in a magazine, and an Ad in the news paper, Can you track which ad has performed? If it has worked and you have found yourself with more customers, do you know exactly how much it has cost you per customer? We can show you ways to track which of your marketing methods are working and those that are not performing so well. This means you can reduce your spend on the none performing marketing methods and INCREASE your spend by the same amount with the marketing methods that are performing. The chances are this will further increase your customer conversions. These are only a few ways that iVolution Marketing can assist you with your business marketing strategies.

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Consultation gives you the opportunity to pin point everything that could be improved in your business, and introduce new ideas to improve business. It will give you the opportunity to target everywhere you can save money, and guide you to improving your business exponentially.

A full marketing team, for the price of 1 staff member.