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Marketing & Business Growth Professionals

iVolution Marketing is a Marketing specialist company with 1 aim, to help you grow your business.

We can either help you along the way with your marketing, or simply do it for you while you watch the business roll in ( all for less than the price of 1 member of staff ).

We have a professional team that can build bespoke websites, adverts, films, marketing campaigns, sales funnels and much more!

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Marketing & Business Growth Professionals

Bringing happiness to business owners through perfect business growing ideas and skills, for the less than the price of 1 full time staff member!

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If you interviewed a candidate, and they promised they could double, triple or even quadruple business, would you say no?

For the price of just 1 staff member, you can hire our entire team to complete full, extensive marketing campaigns to bring more business, to your business.

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Privacy Policy
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About iVolution Marketing

iVolution Marketing is a business that has been developed to help business owners like you gain the skills you require to survive and thrive in any market and any economic conditions.

  • We can consult on your marketing, and give you advice on where you can improve.
  • We can fully control and complete your marketing with proven results ( all for less than the price of 1 member of staff ).
  • We can design websites, create films & adverts, set up automated marketing/re-marketing and much more.

A full marketing team, for the price of 1 staff member.

The growth of your business is our top priority
and we can do it many different ways

Business Consultation

Get more from your business! Our expert advice and consultation will allow you to improve your marketing and increase your business massively!

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Perfect Marketing, done for you. Not interested in going through the hassle of marketing? We can do it all for you, for the price of 1 staff member.

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Media Production

A full media production team, at your fingertips. We have an unbelievably talented team that can create any media for you, from graphics and websites, to videos.

Lets get creative!

Web Design & Development

Online presence is EVERYTHING. We have a team of professional web designers and developers that can create you a beautiful, responsive, bespoke website.

Start the coding!

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We're ready to get started and improve your business, are you?

"iVolution Marketing truly helped me improve my business. We worked closely together for them to meet my needs, and now my business is bigger than ever!"

Privacy Policy
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About Us

Every day brings a new challenge to marketing; that's what we at iVolution Marketing are passion about, the opportunity to do and become better. Our mix of expertise, passion and dedication in pursing new market trends means that we are able to help our clients generate fantastic results.

We operate across a wide range of diverse business sectors, delivering the highest quality standards in the art and science of business development. Our mission is to help you realise your full marketing potential and grow faster, with us. Whether you are looking for creative offline marketing strategies or forward-thinking digital techniques, here at iVolution Marketing we have the right people to make your business go further.

So, for innovative ideas, proactive strategies and enviable results get in touch.

Why should I choose you?


iVolution Marketing is ran by Retail Business owners. No other marketing provider can say they work entirely from a retail business owners perspective. Its this experience that allows us to work so closely with our clients, and tailor our services to meet their needs.


We're not going to charge you so much that your business can't afford it, our aim is to make your company money. After taking this into consideration, we have come up with a pricing structure that allows you to hire our entire team for less than what It would cost for 1 staff member, per month.

We get results

We currently manage marketing for a number of large companies, including our sister company Premier EPOS, who are one of the fastest growing EPOS companies available on the market. We have experience in growing companies, and we do it well.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the hidden costs?
There are none! All costs are fixed to whats quoted. The only extra cost that will come your way would be the cost of marketing (postage prices, pay per click campaigns, etc).
What if the Marketing doesn't work?
This is always a worry, because at the end of the day you can't force people to take your business! It's always trial and error, but we're used to getting results. We're not worried about this, so you shouldn't be either!
What type of budget should I set aside before starting?
This is entirely up to you. Of course we can only work to the budget you set. We have worked with extremely small budgets before, but the higher your budget the better results we can get, so we ask you to take this into consideration when planning ahead!

What sized businesses do we work with?

If you're a small or start up business, we can help you start/grow the right way. We have methods that are extremely cost effective and can help companies grow at an exponential rate! We work very close and personal with our clients, so you're in good hands.

Stuck in that middle stage? You're not a small business anymore, but you're not a big shot either? This is likely one of the hardest stages of growth.

We have expert advice, techniques and equipment to help streamline your business, save money and invest it into larger marketing campaings to reach that next step.

Start investing money where it matters.

Already a large company? Congratulations, now comes the hard part, keeping it that way.

Company growth is like a rollercoaster, you can keep going up, but once you stop going up theres no steady stage, its just straight back down! We have experience dealing with situations like this, and our advice and services can help you keep that rollercoaster going up and up.


Time to get that ferrari you've always wanted

Start growing my business now

We have extremely close relationships with our clients, we find the trust gets the best results.
Take a look at what they have to say!

“iVolution Marketing has helped our business tremendously. It has really opened our eyes to Social Media Marketing and has revolutionised the way we do our work. I think iVolution Marketing, as a company is very efficiently run, and is going places.”

Mark Navin

Cockfields Farm

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A full marketing team, for the price of 1 staff member.